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Microscope Yearly Routine Maintenance

Western Microscope specializes in on-site periodical maintenance of microscopes to help medical facilities comply with state and federal laboratory requirements. To that end we provide the yearly required maintenance with the appropriate documentation for the laboratory records.

Western Microscope provides a multi point inspection of the instrument to ensure that it is functioning to factory specifications or your custom requirements. With each visit your microscope will receive what amounts to a mini overhaul every time we service it.

  1. Course and fine focusing movements of the microscope is inspected and adjustments to the tensions are made as needed. Lubricants are replaced or added as needed.
  2. The mechanical stage is inspected to ensure ease of operation during your microscopy procedures with adjustments to the tension settings being made as necessary or as you the customer require. All the mechanical aspects of the microscope are properly cleaned and lubed.
  3. We ensure that the objective lenses are as clean as possible allowing for the best clarity, color and focus.
  4. The iris and condenser racks and assemblies are inspected to be sure they are functioning properly. Tension adjustments are made as needed along with proper lubrication.
  5. Proper alignment for Koehler illumination is obtained which contributes to the alignment of all other contrasting methods such as Phase Contrast and Polarization, which are also properly aligned.
  6. We inspect the electronics of the microscope to ensure they are dust free and that all lighting adjustments are working properly and safely and with the correct intensity.
  7. The inspection of the head includes making sure the diopter adjustment is working properly. The prisms are also inspected for debris that might interfere with the specimen being viewed. If needed the prisms are cleaned. We also make sure there are no problems with the prism alignment of the head.
  8. Microscope eyepieces also need to be cleaned. Deep cleaning is often needed due to dusty environments. Quite often debris sits on reticules interfering with a clean unobstructed view of the field. These are disassembled as necessary and cleaned to get a clear field of view. The focusing mechanisms are lubricated as needed on eyepieces with that feature.
  9. A slide is viewed on the microscope to ensure everything is clean and properly adjusted to allow for the correct clarity and focus. Anything that detracts from that is noted and suggestions for correction are then discussed with you the customer.
  10. The scope is tagged with a date of inspection sticker and all concerns or observations are noted on the service provider’s document of which a copy is left with you for your records.

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